Boat Launch access

There is a single boat launch in the First Landing State Park. It is located at the Narrows and offers direct access to Linkhorn and Broad Bays. To reach the Atlantic Ocean from the boat launch you will need to pass through Broad Bay, Lynnhaven Bay, and the Chesapeake. The boat launch is located at the end of First Landing's 64th street road. There is a large parking lot here, just past the Narrows beach area and its small parking area. The boat ramp is three lanes wide and there is plenty of room for you to maneuver and park your rig.First Landing State Park's boat ramp

The fee for using the boat launch is $4. Unless you are doing nothing but launching your boat and have someone drive your truck out of the park, you will also have to pay a parking fee ($4 weekdays, $5 weekends and holidays). If you are staying in the campground or a cabin, you do not need to pay any additional fees for using the boat launch or the Narrows parking area.

If you need a bathroom there is one located at the boat launch parking lot.


the First Landing State Park beach and water at the NarrowsThe Narrows Beach

Broad Bay and the landlocked Linkhorn Bay are connected by a constricted waterway called the Narrows. The 64th Street entrance to the park dead ends here, and near the end of the road there is a small parking lot and a small sand beach. While there are signs at the Narrows beach that inform you there is no swimming allowed, there are often small children playing in the water at the edge of the shoreline. The Narrows are also frequented by anglers and shell fishermen that are after blue claw crabs.

Bathrooms are available just off of the boat launch parking lot, which is a short walk from the beach area parking lot.

64th Street Trailheads

The Cape Henry and Long Creek Trails both connect with the 64th Street park road.

The Cape Henry Trail begins at the Narrows parking area. The trail heads east, running south of and paralleling 64th street, then crosses the road and heads north just west of the 64th Street park entrance booth.

The Long Creek Trail begins at the paved road, roughly halfway between the park entrance and the narrows. The trail heads north from the trailhead, leading into the the heart of First Landing State Park.

There is little parking beyond what is provided at the Narrows (see above). There is a small lot, which is a nice place to drop people off if you don't need to park your car, at the Long Creek trailhead.